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I set the initialdir tmp option in the condor submit files at both sites. Suggestions for future improvements It would be really nice to have an option in the standalone checkpointing mechanism so the restarted code doesn't care what directory it is running in as long as there are no open files when the code is checkpointed. Server suddenly became unresponsive to ssh, I reported the previous time it happened on another server I have about 2 months ago. I ran this at uwm and then sent the executable and the checkpoint file off to psu to be restarted with.

The Pleiades Cluster runs the pbs batch system and it allows job submission via a Globus job manager so jobs can be submitted using the Condor Globus universe. There's more but I can not share it here because there is a 30, 00 character limit for a post. The code performs the filtering and writes out the trigger file on the remote file system which can then be fetch back to uwm for post-processing.